• Reggie the Lion Was Created To

    Help Children Believe in God, Themselves & Their Dreams!

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    This book is an exciting way to teach children about the SuperPowers of people in the Bible! It includes valuable lessons and activity pages that children can color as they learn. Strength, Leadership, and Love are excellent characteristics of a SuperHero. Get the book today to find out which one of God's people has the power! Suitable for children ages 2-10.

    Reggie the Lion and Jeremiah Bible Superheroes

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    This book is a great tool to help children believe in themselves while teaching Godly principles. It gives real-life examples that kids can relate to and teaches how sometimes you mess up, but you can ask for forgiveness; it’s ok to ask for help and don’t give up when something is hard. A great book with coloring pages that will keep them entertained and teach them simultaneously!

    The Adventures of Reggie the Lion and Jeremiah Learning Book


    About Reggie the Lion

    Reggie the Lion is a faith-based positive affirmative character! He is a plush toy of a lion who speaks positive affirmations. He will help you fill your child’s mind with positive thinking and strong belief. Parents, educators, mental health professionals have confirmed Reggie the Lion’s effectiveness. He is good fun for the whole family and will reinforce healthy, uplifting thoughts in those around him.